Upcoming Film, 2011

CUANDO TE VERÉ? (When Will I See You) is a feature length documentary about a family living apart for 10 years, since the family man immigrated to the US. Returning to Mexico means he will surender his “American Dream” and ability to support his family.

Length: 45-60 minutes

Cuando te Veré? (When Will I See You) is my current thesis project which will be a feature length documentary about a family who has been living apart from each other for 10 years. This separation is due to the fact that Saul, the head of the family, decided to cross over into the U.S. to give his family in Mexico a better life. Like many people in this country, Saul is undocumented and has made the ultimate sacrifice for his family. He has not seen his wife and children but clings on to every memory of them in attempts of feeling close to them. His daughter and sons were between the ages of 4 and 10 the last time he saw them. Pressured by the family to attend his daughter’s Quiceañera, he is having second thoughts of returning in December 2011 because he is not sure if Mexico’s economy will give him enough work to continue supporting his family.


To raise questions about immigration reform.

To raise questions about the effects of laws on families


This film was shot in the various locations where the family members reside: the Midwest, Texas and in Puebla, Mexico. The film is currently in post-production and will be screen at the University of North Texas in July/August of 2011.


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