About Liz

Liz Colunga has been a survivor and a fighter, being born 2 months premature in born in Wylie, Texas. She grew up in Garland up until she graduated from high school. She wanted to travel and gain an education, which pushed her to join the U.S. Air Force where her journey began. Liz was stationed in Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. This was a huge culture shock for her and it was her first introduction to isolation from civilian society, tumble weeds and whistle pigs. As an Operation Resource Manager, she was assigned to tanker and fighter squadrons. This also took her to Egypt a month after the attacks of 9/11, which was her first time abroad. Back on base, she attended college part-time while in the military and became a full-time student at Boise State University. There, she found her own cultural identity and became socially aware through her own personal experiences and those that she heard other people struggled with.

At Boise State, she quickly found her voice through journalism and began writing for student newspaper, The Arbiter. She also produced her own radio show and became an activist. During her last semester as Boise State, she took a film introduction course and for the first time, and has been intrigued ever since!

Thinking that she would go into journalism, she quickly found that she would have more creative freedom being behind the camera. Being a Promotions Coordinator at Univision, Liz did not have enough opportunities to go on shoots or even learn how to fully operate the cameras. Her desperate need to learn more about filmmaking and the curiosity that had been tickled during her introduction to film, drew her to apply for the graduate program at The University of North Texas. There, she produced her first professional film and has been learning a little bit of everything: producing, lighting, editing, directing, etc.

You name it, Liz has probably done it. Soon, she will be back in the professional field, this time following her true passion in film.



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